Cultured meat promises to provide us a new way to eat and be the game changer for our problematic planet. But is it really that good?

Memphis Meats

With Singapore being the first country to approve a cultured meat product, cultured meat has lit a firestorm and set the media abuzz. Cultured meat, also known as lab-grown meat, is produced in vitro cell culture of animal cells. In other words, scientists take a small amount of muscle cells derived from animals, filter them and isolate them to make them grow. …

Don’t say you understand me,

cause you don’t and never will.

Emptiness, loneliness, all the suffering

echo in my brain.

Every. Single. Day.

I try so hard to pray,

to pray those thoughts away.

And guess what,

there’s nothing but pain in my veins

slowly spiraling into the abyss of chaos,

wondering when will things be the same again.

But I got locked in the jail.

Jail of melancholy, with

endless suppression and agony.

As pain has put me deep in oppression,

now all I got is depression.

“Don’t cry”, “Stay strong”.

I tried. But it seems

impossible to correct…

Photo by Leung Yattin on Unsplash

It has been over five months already since the protest has started The whole thing has gone in circles — more violence, more tear gas, more arrest, more hatred and nothing really changes.

Our society has been very much polarized. Our neighbours are split into two sides, people in the grey area are being forced to pick a side, people who stand a different view are “unfriending” each other. Things have been a total chaos. …

Beth Kong

A broke college kid who writes.

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